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Industry awards and certificates not only acknowledge high professional standards
but show commitment and passion to industry responsibilities.

DKW Construction Owner, Dorrie Wise, has certified and accepted awards along the way for her hard work and dedication.

         Mokan Minority Contractor of the Year Award
         Business Entrepreneur Merit Award
         United States Corps of Engineers Certificate
         Loyola College in Maryland, Business and Management

Along with Awards and Certificates, Press and Newspaper articles also show outstanding leadership. Dorrie Wise has devoted herself to helping others in the construction industry with timely projects and within budgets.

         Black-Owned Firms Gain First Major Convention Hotel Job
         Wise Choices Have Helped This Construction Company Blossom
         Some Women Own Firms - Run Them
         Traditional Approach in Non-Traditional Manner
         Wrought In Iron - Profile Of A Lady
         Nerves Of Steel


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